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a1000 full picture.JPG
  • Available Models: FM CM.

  • Super Automatic: up to 3 bean hoppers and 2 powder hoppers. 

  • Foam Master technology creates frothy foam every time!

  • Clean Master for easy effective results.

  • Create your own add-ons.


FRANKEs A1000 is a super automatic one touch machine, made to do it all. From plain coffee, to a basic cappuccino, to any flavored latte, it will do it all! Plus with the ability to place up to 3 bean hoppers or 2 powder mixers, the quality and variety of drink options is expansive. Perfect for any office space, lodging facility, church, or school even. The A1000 is built to meet everyone's need. It even has a vending add-on for consumers to make purchases.

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