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Wear-resistant premium cast steel burrs with optimal settling and dual vents for cooling. An individually adjustable spout illumination for a centered distribution of the powder into portafilters of any size. It has accurate dose and stepless grind adjustments to provide precise output every time. It also has a scale for consitent repetition. Outfitted with a clear OLED-display with intuitive menu, and wide viewing angle that can show internal temperature. The PEAK is catered to the busy cafe atomosphere allowing for consitency every time. Call us for details, prices, financing options, and more.

With easy and precise grind adjustments, the outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste. This flavor is due to premium cast steel burrs that provide the grinder with high grinding capacity. Suitable for different brewing methods: filter, espresso, or turkish fine coffee grinding. With individual burrs, it can also grind other things such as spices, grain, poppy-seed and linseed. The EK43 is designed for the variety every barista could need.

Call us for details, prices, financing options, and more.

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