Linea classic

La Marzocco came out with the Linea Classic in 1988 to provide a great basis for the birth of espresso culture. It was built to be a heavy-duty work horse in a cafe environment. Ready to serve drink after drink in any high-volume location. 

Linea PB

La Marzocco improved the style and performance of their 25 year old machine; the Linea PB takes the Classic to the next level. Built with new electronics, sturdier parts, and easy access to brew volume, hot water tap levels, boiler temperatures, auto-backflush, and more!


La Marzocco created an innovative new design to change the game for any barista. They changed the group heads to be straight entry for portafilters. The KB90 is the brain child of a Board Chairman, and therfore it's namesake is Kent Bakke. This new style brings a fun atmosphere to any space.


The Strada has a clean and sleak, low-profile look that fits in any environment. This machine is very customizable as to accommodate the owner and baristas. Encourages creative expression to share with consumers.  


La Marzocco decided that every home deserves a good espresso machine too. They packed their reliable technology into a small home version called the GS3. It has saturated groups, dual boiler, PID controller, and a preheating system. Make a big deal out of this little machine; and welcome one into your kitchen.

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