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SLayer espresso line

Slayer has two different lines of machines; Espresso & Steam. Through specialty engineering; Slayer has fine tuned and catered the brewing process to emit the right dispersion of heat and pressure to produce the ultimate espresso shot.

slayer single glass_edited.jpg

Slayer Steam EP

The Steam series has two models. The Steam EP is catered for optimum steam output no matter how busy the time of day. Every pitcher steamed is perfectly aerated and stretched to enhance the quality of any drink. Beautiful espresso shots and frothy milk together make the best combination any customer could ask for!

steam LP.PNG

Slayer Steam LP

The second model in the Steam series is brand new! It's a hybrid form of both the espresso and the EP models. THe Steam LP was designed to be the ultimate espresso machine. It has the best of both worlds wrapped up in one shiny package. Both baristas and customers will desire a hand crafted beverage to soothe the soul inside and out. 

steam lp.JPG
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