The A400 has 3 models. This variety means anyone can find the right machine for their location. Be it a church, cafe, school, or office building there is the right machine for any need.


FRANKEs A600 has so many models available for any need. Base model is always a good start, but the variety of program blends makes it appealing to all. Great in any location!


The A800 Fresh Brew has the capability of producing espresso, americanos, and full cups of coffee. With a system similar to a traditional pre-infusion, the A800 can produce high quality tasting shots of coffee. It also has LED light strips to enhance the look of your sleek machine.


FRANKE's A1000 is the all-in-one super autmoatic machine. For schools or other consumer facilities, it has a full vending payment system as an option. A cup warmer, syrup station, milk station, and three bean hoppers makes the ultimate one touch machine in any office, cafe, church, lodge, or more!


The S700 is FRANKE's version of an espresso machine. It is a semi-automatic that requires manual milk frothing. The S700 makes lattes, cappuccinos, espresso shots, and adding water makes an Americano. This machine is catered towards those who want a little  bit of a personal touch to their drinks.

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